Art Classes in Chicago

Art Classes for every ages

Art exploration is crucial to your child’s development; art helps to boost fine motor skills, critical thinking skills and socio-emotional learning. Here at Sparkling Art Piano, each art project is tailored to best support your child’s developmental stage, while nurturing your child’s creativity in our playful and caring environment. Through engaging in drawing, painting, folk arts, art history and seasonal crafts, our aim is to ignite your child’s imagination, and spark a lifelong love for the arts. At Sparkling Art Piano, we integrate music into every art class to encourage genuine creativity and to deepen understanding of the arts. You can try our art classes as drop in classes before you register for the session. Call us for details.


Class Descriptions and Times

Mimic the Masters

mimic-the-mastersDays: Wednesdays
Time: 10:00am-11:30am (open drop in and  pick up time)
Level: Ages 3 and up
Price: 6 weeks/$160
Drop in: $30 Reservation required
Instructor: TBD


We will move chronologically through art history, and learn about a new artist each week.  Students  will create their own art inspired by a famous artist’s work in drawing, painting or mixed media.  We will study artists such as Picasso, Kandinsky and O’Keeffe, who are known for using music as inspiration.

Art for Every Season


Days: Tuesday
Time: 3:00-4:00pm
Level: Ages 2-5
Price: $160/6 weeks
Instructor: Phoebe Cape


Young artists will create beautiful crafts inspired by the current season or holiday. Through engaging in seasonally inspired collage, painting and mixed media crafts, artists will develop motor skills, social skills and planning skills. Music will be played in order to encourage creativity and artistic rhythm. A caregiver must be present if your child is not yet bathroom proficient.


Drawing and Painting Like a Big Kid



Days: Saturdays
Time: 11:30-1:00pm
Level: Ages 7 +
Price: $240/8 weeks
Drop in: $30 Reservation required
Instructor: Cris Joe


Is your child eager to cultivate his or her drawing and painting skills? Artists in this class will learn foundational skills in drawing and painting, and hone these skills with a developmentally appropriate project each week. For inspiration, artists will draw from their own experience of the world, and from the work of famous artists. In the culminating project of this class, students will unite music and art, creating a painting based on a song. This class will help students develop planning skills, motor skills, the capacity to express their feelings.


Global Techniques in Texture

Days: Tuesday
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Level: Ages 7 and up
Price: $160/6 weeks
Instructor: Phoebe Cape


Students will explore the element of texture through learning art techniques from different cultural traditions. In this class, your child might learn the Mexican technique of metal tooling, the Aboriginal technique of dot painting, or the Panamanian technique of making paper molas. We will also explore Western techniques in texture such as scratch art and printmaking. In addition to cultivating critical thinking skills and fine motor skills, this class will help children understand global cultures.


Drop-in Art Class: The Art of Storytelling, Kids’ Evening

Day: Saturday, Time:5:00-7:30pm
Level: Ages 3 and up
Price: $35 per child
Reservations required.
Instructor: Phoebe Cape/Cris Joe


A fun and creative activity for your children to enjoy!  We will start out by reading some well-known children’s stories or watching some children’s cartoons.  Using the story we hear as inspiration, children will create their own art and/or stories using an array of media.  We will also examine the techniques of the illustrators and animators in order to hone our drawing skills.  If your child would prefer to use this time as an open art studio to explore his/her artistic ideas, that is also encouraged.  Please feel free to pick up your child earlier than 8:00pm if necessary.  A pizza dinner will be provided.

Drop-in Art Class: Morning Masterpieces

Day: Saturday
Time: 10:00am – 11:15am
Level: Ages 3 and up
Price: $160/6 weeks
Drop-in:$30 Reservations required.
Instructor: Cris Joe


Come explore the world of art making! With an emphasis on creativity and sensory discovery, young artists, with or without their caregivers, will explore a variety of art materials, techniques, and processes including painting, printing, and collage.  This is a great opportunity for family and friend bonding time, or for parents to have a free Saturday morning as their child engages in creative fun.  Come dressed to get messy! Reservations required for drop in.


Art and UnWINEd


Day: Thursday
Time: 6:30-9pm
Level: Adult classes
Price: $35 per class or 5 classes $150
Instructor: Phoebe Cape


Celebrate the upcoming weekend by attending our BYOB adult painting class.  This is a great opportunity to develop a new artistic skill or finene the painting skills that you already have. You will be pleased with your final piece of artwork, as a professional painter will be instructing and coaching you along the way.  Feel free to pick your subject, or allow us to guide you in picking a subject that you feel inspired you paint.  A painting can be completed in one class, however it is ideal to attend multiple classes in order to refine your masterpiece.  Reservations required.


Private Art Lessons

Level:All Ages
Instructor: Phoebe Cape

Are your child or you hungry for a more in depth exploration of art? Does your child want to hone his or her art skills? Is your child preparing an art portfolio for admission to high school or college? We are  happy to teach private lessons in more advanced techniques of drawing, painting and printmaking. Please email us at to inquire.