Good First Instruments for Your Child

Focus on the benefits of piano/keyboard, but also talk about other good instruments to learn

Music is an essential part of life. It may not seem like it at times, but it is everywhere we go. We grow up listening to sounds, the radio, jingles from the television and more. Eventually, we all grow to develop tastes for a certain kind of music and pursue artists who play it. If music is always around, why not help create more music by having your child learn how to play an instrument? Who knows, maybe they will be the next up and coming musician to play on the radio later on in their life.

There are so many instruments out there, from so many ‘families’ – the string family, the woodwind family, the brass family and the percussion family. There is such a variety of instruments out there that it can be overwhelming when the time comes to choose one for your child.

However, since your child is still young, they will have some physical obstacles – small hands, small lungs etc. which narrows down the availability of instruments that your child can play. A child can’t very well play the trombone (an instrument which requires lung power) or a full sized 12 string guitar (due to small hands).

Here are five good first instruments to consider for your child:

  • Piano

Piano is one of the most common first instruments for a child to learn. The piano is a versatile instrument as well as one of the most beautiful sounding. Learning the piano will allow your child to simultaneously learn the melody and the harmony which is a good foundational skill to have in music. Learning the keys is simple and provides a visual representation of musical notes to your child.

  • Guitar

Next to the piano, the guitar is also considered a popular instrument for a child to learn. The size of the guitar can be chosen depending on the age/size of your child making it easier for them to handle. The guitar is played in almost all music and sounds appealing when played solo (especially the acoustic).

  • Violin

For a first instrument, a violin is considered fairly easy for a child to learn. The violin can be made into smaller sizes to accommodate your child. With the lack of frets or keys, your child can focus on the sounds being produced from the violin as they play it – this will help build the skill of developing a keen ear for the musical tune.

  • Cello

A cello is essentially a larger version of a violin with a thicker body. This would be suitable for a child who is 7 years old or older, because unlike the violin, the size of the cello might make it difficult for the child to hold and play.

  • Drums

Often forgotten or mislabeled, drums are a musical instrument too. They can make child size sets which is useful for the younger children. It can also help your child get a feel for tempo.  

There are a variety of musical instruments that are suited for beginners and can build a solid foundation for branching out into other instruments when they are older.

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