Why art lessons are important in early ages

Art is a great way to engage a child in the exploration process and build up its creativity potential. Many research results show a positive impact of kid’s exposure to art on the development of brain capacity, especially in the early childhood. But art is also a fun; children are delighted to play with different art materials and explore limitless boundaries of visual arts. Here are some tips if you’ve been thinking of inspiring the Picasso in your child.

Art inspires creativity

We all have some type of creativity within us, and it often helps to balance our mood and bring about feelings of happiness when we can give ourselves over to it.  In young children, this creativity can sometimes come with the trials and tribulations of mess making or even a bit of destructive behaviour (drawing on walls, for example, or tearing up your family photographs).  Art is one way to redirect that creativity in a productive and positive way.  Children enjoy a variety of different materials to work with and explore, so the more options that you offer, the more fun can be had!  The key is to let their imaginations take hold and offer only a little direction to see what they can come up with.

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Art offers opportunities for self-expression

Art is a wonderful way in which children can express themselves, and it often is a more productive way than they might otherwise choose.  It can be frustrating not to have the necessary vocabulary or emotional maturity to express how you feel and what you’re thinking, but art can take that frustration and demonstrate it.  This will help your child to learn how to deal with stresses and issues as they grow as well.

Art builds fine motor skills

Since the construction of art can mean the use of paints, scissors, markers, crayons, brushes, and a whole variety of tiny objects, children learn to control their muscles and fine motor control.  This will help them further down the line when they start school and try their hand at writing and drawing.

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Art support development of cognitive skills

Planning, problem solving and experimentation are all important parts of your child’s development.  When children have the opportunity to practise these useful skills when they are doing something enjoyable, (drawing, making collages, painting, moulding clay) they are also absorbing the shapes, sizes and colours of objects.  Making certain decisions results in certain outcomes; this helps children to understand the concept of cause and effect.  They are also learning that their decisions play a role in the specific results in a scenario.

Art teaches kids to work together

Especially when making their masterpieces in a class setting, children can learn about respecting the space and needs of others around them, and values like sharing.  There may be a limited number of a popular item, and this type of situation offers children an opportunity to work together towards a fair outcome for all.  It also gives them a chance to praise others for their work and to be recognized for their own efforts by peers.

Creating art can be a wonderful and valuable way to spend time with your child and recognize their growing abilities.  Keep in mind that art is a process, and the benefits can stay with your child for a lifetime.


art created by kids at sparkling art piano in chicago

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